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December 07, 2021 1 min read

Born in Kent, England, Sam Cox, or Mr Doodle is well-known for his signature doodle drawings featuring a barrage of characters, objects, and patterns. Described as “Graffiti Spaghetti" because the line twists and tangles over everything in its path, Mr Doodle’s quirky work has conquered various fun objects, rooftops, his hometown, and even an entire whole room!

Starting his artistic career at just three years old, Mr Doodle scribbled over any object he could get his hands on and covered his bedroom with paper doodles. He soon manifested his vision of the world, creating his own iconic “DoodleWorld” – a place where his monochromatic doodle touches almost every surface it touches, moving from walls to the furniture to the floor. When completed, the doodles cloak everything in 2D drawings and flatten 3D spaces, making it hard to distinguish between different surfaces.

Dope!: Are there any artists or doodle artists who inspire you?

Yes, some of my inspiration comes from Banksy, Walt Disney, Keith Haring, and Pablo Picasso.

Dope!: What pen do you use and do you always draw with the same type of pen?

I use different pens for different projects and it does tend to vary. I love working big with thick markers or spray paint.

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