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December 07, 2021 1 min read

Dope!: What’s going on in your mind during the doodling process?

I am usually thinking about old memories or imagining future events, sometimes I think about whether aliens exist and whether there are other dimensions that exist along with ours.

Dope!: Your works have transformed over the years to arrive at the current bold monochrome images that are comparatively more striking. How did this transition come about?

I think that through constantly practicing my work the doodles have eventually become bolder and more confident, so it was a natural progression to start to use bigger tools. I love working in black and white because it is the most striking contrast you can create.

Dope!:? We love the sense of spontaneity and fluidity when you draw. Do you usually plan what (and how) to draw in advance or do you conjure the drawing right when your pen touches the paper?

I don’t plan any of my works, I let them all come to life when I put my pen to the surface. Sometimes I will have a theme in my head that I base the work off, but I don’t create plans and sketches because I feel like it constrains the work.

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