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The subjects of Los Angeles-based artist Matt Gondek, or what he refers to as "Deconstructed Pop Icons," are mostly drawn from pop culture cartoons. Examples include a melting Homer Simpson and a skeletal Mickey Mouse. His creations, which include paintings, sculptures, and designer toys, are action-packed because to his fascination with the bright colors, strong lines, and accessibility of comic books.

Hype Museum

When Gondek was in primary school, he had already decided that he wanted to pursue a career as an artist. He continues to paint comic book characters today, but you can now find them frequently in murals on large building facades or in paintings on exhibit in a gallery of modern art. As a digital illustrator, he created commissioned artwork and graphics for licensed clothes for the music business as his first professional job in the arts.

Gondek began his art career designing band album covers, tees, and general band merch. One could say that Gondek began in the music industry. Hating sitting on the computer, Gondek moved to paintings.

He later managed to secure many large-scale mural projects in Pittsburgh, Atlanta, and Las Vegas.

In one of his most recent solo shows, Aggression, an eight-foot-tall sculpture inspired by Marvin the Martian, was on display at Avenue des Arts LA. Collectors from all over the world, including those from Sweden, Germany, Paris, Canada, and Brazil, presently possess his work.

Aside from this, Gondek is also most well-known for his Simpsons series, especially the Nuclear Familyand the Nuclear Crossover paintings, both of which sold at auction for hefty prices.

The deconstructed depictions of pop culture icons like Mickey Mouse and Homer Simpson have gained painter, muralist, and graphic designer Matt Gondek a sizable Instagram following as well as a significant international fan base. The crisp lines and vivid colors of comic books, cartoons, and video games appeal to self-taught artist Gondek. He frequently depicts his archetypal figures exploding, melting, or disintegrating. His paintings can be seen in private collections in Sweden, Germany, Paris, Canada, and Brazil. Complex and Hypebeast have written on Gondek's work. Sculptures, apparel lines, and NFTs are also included in Gondek's multidisciplinary portfolio.

Gondek's success was anything but planned. He pioneered the style of deconstructed pop art, but this was born out of a dark place from the artist's past.

At age 30, Gondek was a freelance illustrator who hated his life. He had lost all drive and did not know what to do with his life. Painting out of depression, he stumbled upon the deconstructed pop art style we all know him for. Gondek painted these pop icons because they were what he was most familiar with, what he was most comfortable with.

Needless to say, Matt Gondek's career as a contemporary 'anti' pop artist has only just begun.

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