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Sorayama is a Japanese illustrator known for his erotic depictions of female robots. His art is described as 'superrealism' and reflects the symbiosis of sex and machine. He has numerous collaborations with Medicom Toy, Dior, X-LARGE, and British Knights. His robot illustrations and sculptures have been showcased all over the world. Sorayama's 6 feet tall robot sculptures are now widely regarded as cult items.

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After receiving her diploma from Tokyo's Chubi Central Art School in 1969, Sorayama initially spent some time working for an advertising agency. He has been a renowned artist using his remarkable reali metallicity stic methods ever since he became freelance in 1972. Both inside and outside of Japan, people are familiar with his works of sexuality, robot pursuit, and feminine imagery.

Sorayama's reputation as the legendary fembot illustrator was first made in 1978 with the Sexy Robot work series, which astonished viewers all around the world with its skillful rendering of seductive metallic qualities and reflected light.

In addition to receiving praise from the art world, his work was included in magazines like Penthouse and Playboy, both of which Sorayama was known to adore. Playboy devoted a whole TV special to his career, but Penthouse regularly featured his pin-ups for a number of years.

The costumes that Hajime Sorayama's robots wore quickly evolved from nudity to leather and latex, bringing a new element of fetish to his work as it gradually moved away from illustration and onto other media like video, CD-Rom, and even trading cards.

It is undeniable that dogs are adorable. Dogs can be expensive to maintain, need constant care, and occasionally ruin your favorite furnishings. In order to get over these issues, Hajime Sorayama and Sony collaborated to develop "AIBO," a robot dog.

In addition to responding to its surroundings, AIBO was also completely trainable and created to be a canine companion with artificial intelligence.

Over a decade after its introduction, the first AI dog in the world found popularity on the market and entered New York's famed MoMA. It even earned Sorayama both the Good Design Grand Prize and the Media Arts Festival Grand Prize.

As a pioneer of the sci-fi erotica genre, Sorayama is best known for his hyperrealistic images and airbrush paintings. He went from being a cult hero to becoming a famous artist over time because to his images of robotized ladies in sexy stances.

Since the outset, Sorayama's art has explored all the components of taboo in our culture, resulting in provocative images that blend fetishism, bondage, and genetic engineering. Early exposure to American pin-up art influenced him, and the majority of his works feature idealized, unreachable women, or, as he puts it, a "quest for the ultimate feminine beauty."

In comparison to now-legendary art contemporaries like Keiichi Tanaami, Harumi Yamaguchi, and Toshio Saeki, whose work likewise explored themes of sensuality and anti-authoritarianism that were deemed too extreme at the time in Japan, Sorayama's work remained largely underground and had cult-like reputation. Tanaami awarded Sorayama a monthly column for his illustrations in 1995, when he was serving as the magazine's art director. For his concept design of Sony's robotic pet AIBO, Sorayama won the Grand Prize of Best Design, Japan's highest design honor at the time, a few years later in 1999.

Sorayama is now reaching a completely new degree of global notoriety at the age of 73. As the collection's star collaborator, Sorayama worked closely with creative director Kim Jones to develop a presentation and accompanying line that featured his recognizable artwork and futuristic logotype interpreted on garments and splashed over accessories.

The most recent Dior collaboration comes at a time when the fashion industry uses collaborative involvement to propel art into the realm of mainstream culture. As a result of this realignment, Sorayama gained a completely new fan following, propelling him from an obscure legend to obtaining cult status.

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